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Post by alistair64 » Fri Jun 17, 2022 9:20 pm

In superb condition and in full working order.

I'm sure we are all aware that a common problem is sticking centre air vents, the problem being excessive friction where the shaft turns inside the plastic bushes.
This assembly was purchased in full working order to exchange for mine.
However, I later discovered there is a thread on here to sort out the problem, which doesn't involve needing any new parts.
Therefore, I've reconditioned mine and didn't actually need this one.

For good measure, I've carefully sanded the shaft and greased the parts which normally cause the problem.
I've tested it in my own car and it works perfectly.
Comes with the speaker cover.

If you're a bit nervous about stripping your own assembly to rectify the problem (which I definitely was!), here is your answer - it's a fiddly job which not everyone will be confident about doing.
Therefore, instead of forking out over £220 for a new one, substitute yours for this one (a much easier job).

£70 + delivery, which I'm guessing will be about £6 or £7.

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