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Post by merlinhx » Sat Jul 24, 2021 3:58 pm

Purchased a 2019 P300 and was setting up the in control system, all went well until I reached the "add vehicle" bit. it refused to let me go any further as the car was still registered in the original owners name, the approved solution is to visit your local dealer clutching the V5c and proof of purchase, they will then remove the original name. The local dealer wished to charge me £75 for the privilege despite knowing me as I had bought vehicles from them in the past (not this one) and fully intended to have the F-type serviced by them in the future. I do hate being ripped off and contacted Jaguar customer service direct, after emailing them the required paperwork they removed the original name f.o.c.

This may held somebody else in a similar position.

It is a dream to drive though!
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Post by mickjaguar » Sat Jul 24, 2021 5:08 pm

I'm surprised at that! I just did the same thing on Friday.

I went into my local dealer, Harwoods, and the service desk updated their system with the new car, then passed me to one of the sales guys to remove the previous owner from InControl. I was told it can update immediately, but sometimes there's a delay.

I think I've managed to get the Ubigi SIM that's in the car to connect too. Well it has done something anyway. If not ,I'll have to visit neighbours and borrow a 10 year old boy, assuming he can be prized off whatever device he's stuck to if course.
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