Nibe heatpump. Engineer in the house ??

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Re: Nibe heatpump. Engineer in the house ??

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Hi....The hypothetical best is in reality that the warmth move is in the proportion of the total temperatures - consider for a model siphoning between 300K (a somewhat hot 23 degrees for inside in the UK) from an external temperature of 260 ( - 13 which is cold for an external air temperature, however not unfathomably cold for the virus parts of a warmth siphon trying sincerely on the off chance that it is air source against a chilly evening.) the normal warmth may be in the proportion 300/260 - so we put 40 watts in to suck 260 watts in from outside and push 300 into the room. That would be a COP of 300/40, or around 7.

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