3G will end soon..

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3G will end soon..

Post by Dan_Veluwe » Mon Feb 08, 2021 9:35 pm

-- UPDATE 9th feb : from MY2018 the F-Type has 4G capability ---

So now I'm again at loss why I lost traffic info in Germany. Had it in 2019 in the Alps tour in every country..
Never paid attention to 3G/4G.. :?

Last year in may I went to Germany, to visit my elderly parents who were there on holidays.

A short distance into Germany I lost the data connection : no live updates for traffic available.
That was with the F-Type. The connection only came back when I was near de Dutch border again,
on my way home a few days later.

In september 2020 the same thing happened with my F-Pace, also when I went to see my parents,
same hotel in Germany, same location it went dead..

My data-sim was from Vodaphone. I complaint with them, they were useless in their replies so I cancelled. :evil:

I then took a subscription with another provider. Have not been back in Germany since..

Also JLR customer service were useless. I complained on this same issue with them for both cars. :twisted:

I had many issues and I wasn't keen on the F-pace, so I traded it in on a D5... .. also not been to Germany yet.

The reason I lost the data connection in Germany is : Vodaphone killed 3G last year may ! :roll:

In the Netherlands they have an agreement with another provider so you can use both systems.

Thats why I had 3G in the Netherlands..

As soon as I was out of reach in Germany, it went dead..

The bad thing is : it will go dead all over the EU and the UK soon, before 2022 it seems.. :shock:

I think we have to make a "class action" or such to get JLR to exchange the 3G moduler for

4G or even 5G, or our cars will devaluate rapidly..

Just read this on the D5 forum : https://disco5.co.uk/forum/thread2899.html

Not all providers will end 3G soon :

https://www.macrumors.com/2021/01/05/ve ... -shutdown/

And in some articles on 3G mobile phones they state exactly why this should not happen do "luxury cars" :

" In the longer term, anyone with a 3G phone will need to upgrade to a handset with 4G connectivity eventually.
If that's you, this is something you should keep in mind when buying your next device, rather than something
you should treat as an immediate concern. The vast majority of new smartphones have 4G connectivity these days.
There are some rare devices that are still 3G only, but these all tend to be budget smartphones in the sub-$100 category.
" :roll:

https://www.whistleout.com.au/MobilePho ... ed-to-know
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