High/Low Beam Stem Tension

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High/Low Beam Stem Tension

Post by Gibson » Tue Sep 15, 2020 11:21 pm

Hi all,

Has anyone else found that the back/forth flick of the high beam stem is heavy?
Not a huge issue really but I do find it's a pain during spirited driving and has led to accidentally indicating whilst flipping between low and high

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Re: High/Low Beam Stem Tension

Post by gasgas » Wed Sep 16, 2020 8:28 am

not an issue for me, the auto dip/main works well and is fast enough so not to dazzle others.

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Re: High/Low Beam Stem Tension

Post by scm » Wed Sep 16, 2020 9:44 am

I've not found it any heavier than other Jags I've had and haven't had any disasters with it. I have once hit the indicator while dipping, but it's not a regular occurrence for me.

Oh, and don't be confused by irrelevant posts about the auto dip function. ;)
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