Advice Required : Extended Serive Plan options

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Advice Required : Extended Serive Plan options

Post by santoshlv426 » Wed Jan 06, 2021 9:47 am

My F Type is coming out of it's OEM maintenance plan and I want to get an extended service plan which will cover 2 years of services (parts and labor) + Brake pads, battery and wipers.

A question I have is with regard to the brake pads and fitment. I seems that the size of the front and rear is not common and Jaguar has quoted me - what I think is a very high price. Are these TRW pads ? Can any competent brake specialist replace these pads or should it be JLR ?

My car is 5 years old. anything I should be aware of at this age ?

One of the service advisors mentioned that some cars experience the pulleys coming loose on the supercharger. WOuld this be a defect or happens if the car's hammered.

Thank you
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