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Re: Belgium represented

Post by Dan_Veluwe » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:47 pm

Hi Soldes ! I got an Aukey 4K dashcam in my F-Type. But I recently bought another shopping trolley [BMW AT] and fitted a Viofo dualcam.
This because my 3 kids drive it also and I want to have proof they are NOT guilty as some idiot hits them and comes along with 'witnesses' .
I got it here, and I think they ship to Belgium too : .
At € 159 its not even worth to order from China as they are the same price and you have lots of risks with AliExpress [ import duty, defects].
I did not try fitting it in the F-Type sofar. In the BMW I glued the rear cam to the rear hatchdoor and made a loop of cable to allow for the
hatch to open. This works fine ! The Aukey 4k is excellent too, but I like the WiFi from the Viofo a lot : if you set up the connection once, you only have to press one button on the front cam to activate the WiFi. With the app you previously installed you can select and download video directly so no hassle with taking micro-sd cards out , and-so-on..

One possible issue can be that the rear cam cable is a rather large diameter, which could proof a problem in installing.

Be aware its somehow illegal in Germany [ not in case you are involved in an accident], very costly in Austria [ € 10.000,- fine] and suppposedly illegal in Portugal, but I never had a problem there..

They don't deliver the Aukey anymore to NL. Maybe they do to Belgium :
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Re: Belgium represented

Post by SOLDES » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:01 pm

Great info Dan!
I did remove the Blackvue from the Camaro last Friday, so I'll try to reuse it. I'm browsing different forums to find info on a switched 12V source (I don't need it for protection when parked) either in the mirror or passenger fuse box. The mirror tap would be the easiest but for now I can't stop driving. The 'new' needs to wear off first ;)

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