Brake hard for a bark

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Brake hard for a bark

Post by scharlton » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:27 am

Hi All,
Just wondered if anyone else had noticed that firm braking causes a single loud bark out of the exhaust?

Since doing some driver training, it is clear how we are all conditioned (even in an emergency) to starting our braking gently, gradually applying more pressure and then releasing at the end. In training they shaved metres of my 60-0 distance by saying, on a scale on 1-10, first application of the brake should be 9.9 (so ABS does not kick in) and maintain it.

If you try this on a run into your normal roundabout of motorway off ramp (checking mirros first) you'll see just how much quicker you can stop. In addition, you should get to notice a single bark out of the exhaust. Worth practicing now and again just so when you do need to do a real emergency stop, you won't be in the "smooth but in-effective braking" mindset.
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Re: Brake hard for a bark

Post by brianhpenfold » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:58 am

I was taught defensive driving in the Army, many years ago. Then they taught the 75-25 rule, which chimes with what you are saying. >75% of braking effort early, then >25% as you come to a gentle stop. I still use this today, but as I understand it was designed for 2 reasons: 1) brake hard as far away from the hazardous situation/stop point as possible, retaining some in reserve as you get near to the hazard/point of stopping and increasing thinking distance/reaction time; 2) brake failure was a credible scenario on single circuit brakes, and braking early allowed thinking and reaction time to apply the handbrake in the event of a failure.

it scares the hell out of me how many people today use most of their braking effort in the last few feet of stopping or approaching a hazard...

as to the bark - yes, a single grunt on braking hard that is normally accompanied by a downsift in 2 or three gears
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