Clicking noise when turning... New carbon ceramics?!

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Clicking noise when turning... New carbon ceramics?!

Post by tjs » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:25 pm

My car (2014 R Coupe) recently started making a clicking noise when turning, coming from the front right wheel area.

With the steering dead ahead there's no noise at all, with one turn of lock (in either direction) the clicking starts. The noise doesn't change when more steering lock is added.

It makes the click with every rotation of the wheel, so obviously with more speed it clicks more.

I noticed this after the tyres were changed, but it could have been doing it before then and I've just not noticed. In the past few days it's developed from a click to more of a click and grinding noise.

It's gone to a main dealer today and they've said the issue is damaged pads all round (not worn, but cracked on the surface...) and they need replacing (£3k... Yay for carbon ceramics).

Before I actually go and pay this, I just want a sanity check...

If it is the pads, I would expect the noise to at least change as I apply brake pressure, but it makes no difference. I've put it on full lock and driven at 5-10mph, it makes the noise, as I add brake pressure the only change is the frequency of the noise as I'm slowing down.

Has anyone else had this issue? If I've got to do the pads then so be it, but I'll be pissed if I pay that and I don't need to.

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Re: Clicking noise when turning... New carbon ceramics?!

Post by scm » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:26 pm

When mine made a similar noise it turned out to be one of the Torx bolts holding the disk shield on unscrewing itself and rubbing on the inner surface of the disc. My Independent diagnosed the issue very quickly and cleaned up the damaged area so it didn't ruin my pads any further. He also removed and threadlocked all three bolts to make sure the problem didn't recur. Brakes are fine again.

I have the steel brakes so may not be your issue.
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Re: Clicking noise when turning... New carbon ceramics?!

Post by Jagman100 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:43 pm

If it was mine I’d be taking it for a second opinion to be sure, do you have good a local non dealer specialist you can use?
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