Phone stuck on call when paired with F Type..

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Phone stuck on call when paired with F Type..

Post by GARETH » Tue Jan 19, 2021 8:10 am

Yesterday my phone / FType did something strange. When I got in the car and started up, the phone paired as it normally does, but went straight into a call situation - except it wasn’t!

The phone was not in or making a call, but the car was saying that a call was in progress and the radio was muted, handset symbol on dash, call timer counting up. Pressing any button on the phone produced a beep out of car speakers.

Made a call to speaking clock, it came out of the speakers like it should. Ended the call and the phone hung up, but the car still thought the call was in progress.

Only way out of this, and it fixed the issue, was to fully restart the phone. All ok now.

Never had this before, and posting in case anyone else get the problem.

It’s an I Phone 11 pro. 2014 car so older infotainment. The only thing different that may have affected my phone is I have a new Land Rover Defender with Apple Car play, and I had been using that prior to driving the Jag.
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