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I've been thinking about purchasing a 2018MY / 2019MY 380 - not yet taken the plunge quite yet, wanted to see where their electric plans were going. I am seeing lots of news about JLR being an absolute nightmare re: getting parts at the moment with backlog not likely to clear until late next year. Does that apply mostly to LR (which is what most of the articles focus on) - or is it an issue for Jaguar as well?

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See the attached link
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I've had an MY18 since mid 2018 and the only parts I've needed (some years ago) have been diff seals and a cargo cover. Reports of Jaguar unreliability have been greatly exaggerated, so I'd say you'd have to be pretty unlucky to find an unreliable one. Just keep on top of the maintenance and treat it sympathetically and you should be fine.
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My MY16 with 50,000 miles and full servicing has had a replacement diff and a wheel bearing. Both just got noisy. Two slightly bent wheels being fixed this week to smooth out motorway cruising. So things do happen but I'm still impressed with these cars.
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My F-Pace has been at a DLG repair centre for over a month after a relatively minor rear end smash from another car. Keeps getting put back a week a day before it’s due to be returned because of parts issues. Not sure of the actual specifics but going to phone them today as starting to get pissed off with it all now despite putting loads of miles on the courtesy car instead on the F-Pace
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no better or worse than anything in todays market, go get it.
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